Friday, May 14, 2010

A Five Year Plan

I'm sitting here watching 'Life' with the family. We are watching the episode that details the camera men filming the animal encounters; in particular, the episode of a komodo dragon attacking a water buffalo. As several of the dragons snacked on the dead buffalo, Abi declared that she will no longer be eating meat. You have to understand that she reminds me daily that she is a meat eater because she is a tiger. I will keep you posted on how long this protest last. I myself dissected a fetal pig in biology my freshman year of high school. The same night for dinner, my mom made pork chops and pork 'n beans for dinner. That was the day that I stopped eating beef, pork, and any other meat. I went two years without eating any poultry. But then my dad fried a turkey for Thanksgiving, and that was all she wrote. I still do not eat any beef or pork, and probably won't anytime soon. 

Since Mark's promotion at work, he has been caught up in making many changes to the shop and how it operates. It has got me thinking about my "job". What changes would I like to see in our family, where are we headed in life? From watching 'Life', I realize that plans do not always work out. Surely, that water buffalo didn't wake up that morning thinking, 'gee, I think I'll be some one's lunch today'!!! But I would like to have some idea of where we are headed. I know that I will be homeschooling. After some not so great occurrence's in our neighborhood recently, I would like to move. There are also things about our house that I would like to change. Maybe it's just me dreamin' (as usual), but Mark and I are in the process of developing a five year plan. It has me really excited. Who knows, maybe some of the things we've thinking about will work out. I guess there is only one way to find out...proceed to the future!

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