Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Austin and Abi are getting so big. Without looking at pictures, it's difficult for me to remember just what they looked like when they were babies! Their personalities and their interests are so different from one another. Austin loves music, loves to read, can learn independently pretty much anything you put in front of him, and is constantly in thought though he may not always share his ideas. When he makes something, he hopes you like it. Even if you don't, he takes pride in his work and enjoys entertaining himself! Abi loves art. She is constantly drawing, painting, coloring, and creating many masterpieces. This year in kindergarten, she is on a journey to learn how to read. When she focuses her mind on doing something, I can pretty much count it as done. If she wants something, she has the drive and determination to achieve it. Austin and Abi have done so well in school this year. As a surprise, we set up their big kid desks yesterday in their rooms.

Before the big reveal

Before opening their doors

Abi's desk

Austin's desk
I snuck up behind them to find them working together
Austin doing his homework
Abi doing her homework

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