Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Parking Stinks

Okay, so how much do two classes at the fabulous University of Houston cost you ask??? It's about $1700.00 for two classes for one semester. On top of that I have to pay for parking- $85.00 for one semester...and do you think I can find a parking spot??? OF COURSE NOT!!!! I must have drove and drove until the tires were about to fall of of my car!!! And not to mention, for all of the money they are charging people, you would think that almost every square mile of road on campus would NOT have 1 (or 50) pot holes!!! Where is my money going?? Why have they not fixed this problem...surely they had to know that if they admitted that many people to the school that they might need more parking!!! RIDICULOUS!!!

Whew- I feel so much better having said, on to the more exciting things like sewing. I made Abi another dress with matching bows. Just call me butter, because I'm on a roll (I know, it's lame. At least I get a snicker out of my corny jokes!) Check it out!


April Drolet said...

What a domestic diva you are!! I love what you made! They're just beautiful!

Lucie armstrong said...

I love the stuff you've made. just like Me-maw! I love your hair and you, Mark and the kids are wonderful. God Bless you all. Love Aunt Lulu

The Wood Family said...

I don't remember you being such an avid sewer while in AR?. Anyways, your talent is a lost art. I'm quite impressed!