Friday, January 9, 2009


So, things are starting to pick back up, I think! You know how over a break, the first couple of weeks coming off seems to be time standing still. Austin went back to school on Monday, so it's been back to me and Abi. Austin had a rocky start to the beginning of the week- 2 notes sent home saying that he keeps playing around...but on Thursday, after a long talk, he came home with an 'E' for the day! Unfortunately, Abi has a yucky snot bug with an awful cough. Other than that, she is her normal chipper self! I keep telling her that she looks like she could use a nap, but she's not buying it! I start one of my classes on Monday, and two of them on January 21st. Have I said that I can not wait to be done with school? We also started back to small group last night, which I was very excited about. We had been on break for almost 4 weeks...that's a long time!!! Glad to be back to Thursday nights also! While I wait to go back to school, I'm waiting for some newness! Oh, one newness, I cut my hair off....ALL of it!!! That's all I've got!


April Drolet said...

Can I see a pic of your new haircut? Iloved reading the updates!

James W said...

Well I am now walking again, so hopefully Diane and I can get back into the group

Jenni Deiderich said...

Seriously, where are the pictures of the new do? You can't post about a haircut and not provide pictures. Come on!