Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas Morning

Can I just say I LOVE Christmas morning! It's not about the presents, even though each year we love finding that perfect gift that will light up someones face...I love the magic that Christmas brings. The birth of our savior, the most magical thing in (and out) of this world!!! We add to the magic with glittery decorations, family traditions, fun presents, and the best of all, being surrounded by the ones we love! This year was probably the BEST Christmas that I can remember...we were blessed enough to be surrounded by our entire extended family. All of the family gathered in the livingroom before the kids woke up to find what Santa had brought. This year Santa brought Austin a PSP and Abilene a pink Barbie Mustang. He brought Zay and Bastian a REALLY cool Thomas the train ride on that both can ride at the same time! He brought Adam a starwars space ship and Alayna a Barbie house.
Before the kids saw what Santa brought, we snapped a pic
Zay giving Bastian a ride on Thomas the train
Abi pretending to give Austin a ride!
Just for laughs, I have to add that every year we watch a Charlie Brown Christmas...

For New Years we were very lazy. Mark's dad and Kenzie came over for Mexican food and we watched a couple fire works from the back yard. We called it a night after the count down in NY and went to bed. On the first we spent most of the day in our jammies and played a little bit outside in the afternoon. The weather has been crazy...the 70's in January???? I'm not complaining, just...WOW!

I'm excited about the new semester. Abi is not because she has to go to preschool. I think she just doesn't like going to a new school. I'm sure once she gets used to going she'll be much better!


Jennifer said...

Hey old friend! Just wanted you to know that I gave your blog an award on my blog. Check it out when you have time!

The Wood Family said...

Glad you and Mark had a GREAT Christmas!!