Monday, July 21, 2008

Finally a sigh of relief!

Finally, after a few agonizing weeks of stress and frustration, I have gotten the kinks worked out of my registration at the University of Houston. I transfered from "the Lonestar college system" better known as Tomball college, after working on my degree in Human Services. I transfered to U of H to pursue a bachelor's in human development and family studies with a specialization and certification. It shouldn't be so difficult, the only issue is that I am receiving my MGIBill and still taking classes at Tomball. That makes things a little bit tougher! I got everything (I think) worked out, and feel less stressed!
I am also happy I updated the dry-erase calendar on the fridge- and now I can fit the first day of school on it!!!!! YEAH! Not that I don't like hanging out with the kids all day, but when we are all in school and what not, it feels like time is moving. Also, I REALLY love the fall and winter months! The holidays will be here before we know it...that is what really makes me excited! Austin says he's ready to go back to school anyways. Good for him. Other than that time is just passing by!

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