Thursday, July 17, 2008


Okay, so I've been doing this new study called "The Truth Project" really gets you thinking! Of course, like every kid in America, I was taught that evolution really happened, there are no holes in the theory... Christians are just crazy!! I, before doing this study, have wondered if it were possible for both to be true: God created the world and set the formation of humans in motion...which is where we got the idea of evolution. I still don't have a definite answer...but I do have lots of questions. The biggest question I have is: After seeing the complexity of the JUST a blood clot...the many functions that occur just to stop the bleeding of a simple paper cut- how did a blood clot evolve without the cell dying first? I also remember being taught that the fossil record was watertight...why weren't we taught the specifics? Is it because there is no SOLID connection between fossils and the evolution of species...just a theory, simple speculation?? Once one gets down to the cellular level and sees the process of DNA replication and such, how can you deny that their is intellegent design??? We just happened to pop out of magical goo I guess, and why did we "evolve" male and female? If we all evolved... how come humans haven't evloved really for a few thousand years? When I try to form a mental picture of evolution, it just doesn't make sense! And if you think about before evolution...the cosmos, where did they come from? Two possibilities: 1) There was nothing and then there was something or 2)the cosmos have always been -These options leave me with more questions....If there was nothing and then something...I guess it went a little like this...nothing...nothing...nothing...POP, EVERYTHING! Or If it always was, where did it come from? The more I learn about science and all of the "theories", the more it points to intellegent design. After all of this I am left with Jesus is the way, the truth, the light and none can come to Father but through him...

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