Wednesday, August 17, 2011

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We have a few things going on lately. First, I forgot to post this back with the updates about our cruise. A couple of nights after we returned, we had a 'fancy' dinner with the kids just like the formal night on the boat. So excited about the experience, Austin ran upstairs before we started dinner to grab his book, "The Boys Book: How to Be the Best at Everything". Apparently, the book discusses proper etiquette at a dinner table. The tips include Do's and Don't. Do:Put your napkin on your knees right away.
Start with the outer silverware and work your way in each course.
Finish your mouthful and wipe your mouth with your napkin before sipping water.
Say, "Excuse me" if you need to leave the table.
Lean your elbow on the table.
Eat french fries with your fingers.
Eat with your mouth open.
Yell at the waiter.
Say, "YUCK!" if you don't like something.
Mark and I thought that was really cute! As I browse through this book, I find that it covers quite a few VERY cool topics!! Some examples of other articles are: How to get out of quick sand, How to read a compass, and How to get an egg into a bottle. Needless to say, it's a pretty neat book! Austin has informed me that they have one for girls, and we should by that one for Abi! And our dinner was quite nice, in case you were wondering how it turned out!

Austin posted this sign 

Austin and Abi enjoying themselves! 

The Brewer house in the summertime is always full of new adventures! It's amazing what the kids can come up with when the TV is turned off! A few weeks ago, the AJBs decided to do crafts during their downtime and Austin built this really cool dog for Abi out of scraps of paper.
Paper Pup 

My mom, also known as Grammy, came into to town to get her air conditioner fixed in her car. It was an overnight trip, so we got to see her for almost a whole day (she stayed with my sister on the other side of town). We went to our FAVORITE restaurant, Chuy's, for lunch. As usual, absolutely delicious! While waiting for your meal to arrive, you can request dough for the kids to play with. The AJBs love it! Just before we left, Austin came over to me and started speaking in an Italian accent...and looked like this:
Mario and Luigi...and Abi couldn't leave Rebecca out! 

The new school year is quickly approaching. That also means that sports will be starting soon, too. Sadly, Austin's baseball team from the previous two seasons is not staying together for this fall. We started last fall as a Metro team. We signed Austin up through the Cy-fair sports website and he was placed on a team with other kids nearby. The team wanted to stay together for this past Spring, so they formed a Friendship team; which means that they played in the Metro league but brought back all the same players . Or in our case, some of the same players. After a team plays in the Friendship league, in order to stay together, they must move up to the next level. The next level is Select and it is more competitive. The Vipers originally planned to stay together and move up to Select this fall, but things fell apart at the last minute. We had the option of signing Austin up to play in the regular Metro league or letting him try out for another Select team. Austin is a competitive athlete by nature. I remember when he was three he played soccer. All the other kids would be playing in the grass, or standing in the middle of the field crying because they didn't want to play. Not Austin, there were times when he would be the only kid running with the ball...from either team! So, the logical choice for baseball was to let him try out for another team. We are now on the 'Texas Terrors'! Also, one of his teammates from the Vipers will be playing with him this fall! Everyone in the family is stoked about baseball starting back up. Everyone but Abi! She was actually wondering why baseball was ever created the other day!!! With her, she doesn't want to do anything that requires her to sweat! But with them homeschooling, I want to make sure they get proper exercise since they do not have a PE class. This year Abi has been trying to decide what sport she wants to try. She narrowed it down to Jiu-Jitzu (with her best pal, Luke) or ice skating (where she could request an ice skating outfit for her American Girl doll). Ultimately, she has chosen ice skating. At the beginning of September she will take a 7 week class for beginners. We also will be starting our co-op soon!!! I'm teaching possibly two classes this semester, which I am excited about! The classes that I anticipate signing the kids up for are:
Austin- Computer Basics using Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint; Destruction!, they will learn the mechanics of small appliances by taking them apart (which is REALLY awesome because Austin's science for this year is on machines!!); and Colonial America through a pocket storybook.
Abi- Galloping the Globe, learning about new countries and map/atlas skills; Discover Art, learning the colors of the color wheel and different techniques with oil pastels and watercolors; and American Girl Felicity, reading about the historical character, Felicity.
All of us Brewers are really excited to get school started!!!

 Austin, practicing pitching

Austin, practicing catching

Last, but not least, I have been doing a little sewing. Our family doesn't really celebrate Halloween, but I found some really cute fabric and decided to make Abi a Halloween skirt. I also made her a coordinating bow. It all turned out super cute!!!

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