Saturday, August 6, 2011

Special As Can Be

One of my favorite and most special possessions ever given to me is a pillow that my grandmother, my Memaw, made for me when I was 4. I was very close to my Memaw. She was my mother's mom. I was born in Odessa, Texas where my family lived until I was 7. I saw my Memaw frequently there because she lived within minutes. Right before I started 2nd grade, my family moved to Houston. When we moved here, we left my Memaw behind. I didn't see her much after that. On November 5th, a couple months into my 3rd grade year, my Memaw's car was hit by a train as she tried to cross some railroad tracks that lacked guard rails on a foggy morning. When the train hit, my Memaw was killed on impact.
This post has taken a turn for sad, but that was not my intention at all! Back to my pillow! I still sleep with my pillow every night. Aside from being special, it is really comfy! Mark teased me about sleeping with my pillow when we first got married. I had my mom make him his very own pillow and now he understands just how comfy the pillow really is!!! He sleeps with his pillow every night now too! When Abi saw just how special my pillow was, she requested one of her own from her Grammy. Austin followed suit! It only took a couple of years, but Grammy finally finished their pillows this summer!! And now they both sleep with their pillows every night as well.

Mine and Mark's pillows 

Austin's and Abi's pillows

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