Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Mr. Sandman...please slow down!!!

Again, too much time has past since my last blog. We made it through Halloween and Fall festival. We signed up again this year to do Trunk or Treat. Our theme came from the brilliant mind of Lizzie Bender! Lizzie suggested that we decorate our trunk as 'A Group Divided'. For those of you not familiar with a chunk of Texas culture, Texas Longhorns and Texas Aggies are pretty big rivals. There is a popular bumper sticker for households that have students at both schools that reads 'A house Divided'. It was also fun to hang out with some of our group peeps.

Luke as Iron Man and Abi as Black Widow
 Austin as a Ninja

 A Group Divided!
Maddox, Abi, Mark (holding Pacey), me, Luke, Lizzie, Justin, and Kellie (in the front)

Abi, stuffing herself full of candy!

Last weekend, I got to get together with some old friends. We had lunch and attempted to catch up on what has been going on with each other in the last year or so. Lunch was okay, luckily the company was good.
Angie and Naomi November 2010
Naomi and Angie Spring 2000

 Jenny and Me November 2010
Me and Jenny Winter 2000

Jenny (who is due with her first child Nov 15), Angie, Naomi, and Me

A throwback pic for my girls!!!

The same night of my lady shindig, one of Austin's best friends, Cameron, had a birthday party at a laser tag  play place. Abi got to go too. It was lot of family fun!!!
Austin, gettin' ready to rock!

 Abi and Luke playing video games together! Where ever one is, there is the other....

 Me and my love!

We've been having lots of family fun this fall. I love homeschooling for the simple fact that I get to see the kids all the time. (Of course, sometimes I need a little space...I am only human) I have really enjoyed watching them grow this year!
Nothing melts my heart like a daddy and his little girl! 

A mama and her boy!

Austin and Abi with the brat, Peaches

Austin played his last official game of the season this past Monday. His team did make it to the playoffs so he will get to play a couple more games. Before we left to go to the game Monday evening, Austin and Abi were out playing in the backyard. They came running inside to get Mark and I, and insisted that we see their masterpiece! The call it 'The Elements of Jesus: Faith, Kindness, and Trust'! 
The said masterpiece!!

Austin's team also had their first shut out at 12-0.
 After playing hard!
Homeschooling has been going well too! Austin dissected a sheep's brain this past week, and has been learning about the different parts of the brain. He has also been learning about the nerves. I spared you, and myself, any pictures of the sheep's brain (yes, the kids brought it home!!!)
A while ago, we had dinner out and he had chicken wings. When I asked him if they were good, he said, "yeah, but I could see the ulna and the radius!" So, we are fairly certain that information is sinking in! Also, this Friday is the last day of our Friday school classes. We will still have activities to do together before the next semester, but we will not meet for classes anymore. I am contemplating teaching a history course on colonial times that would also include some sewing, cooking, woodworking, and all those other cool things they used to do back in the day.
 Austin's colorcoded brain mold

 The nerves

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