Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The new g-ride

Cars are not something I know a lot about, but something I enjoy being around. I have some very good childhood memories of summers spent with my Aunt Debbie and Uncle Chuck that were filled with racing and rebuilding my Uncle's race car. Almost every summer, my sister (sometimes my brother) and I, would catch a flight (pre-9/11 was so much easier to do this!), or my mom would drive us, to Odessa, Texas. I was born there, and lived there with much of my family until second grade. Odessa is not a town with much to do and is the closest I have gotten to a desert waste land, but I love going there. I love the memories that I have from there. There were many hot summer days and nights spent at the race track. The excitement of cheering on my Uncle is not something that I enjoyed as a child, but I look back now and cling to those memories of being with family and the times that we shared. I think it is these memories that have created my desire a to drive a Mustang. So, for a little over a week now, I have been a proud owner of a baby blue Mustang!

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Anonymous said...

Hey girl, did you get a Mustang? Also hows the sewing thing going? We need to catch up soon! Im thinking about coming for a visit in the next few months too! Miss you!