Thursday, October 8, 2009

Battle at the Brewers

This past week has been a rough one for the Brewer household! It all started last Thursday- I got a call from the school nurse saying that Abi had thrown up at lunch. I go pick her up, get her situated on the couch and let her sleep. All this time she did not run a temperature. She ended up having mishaps from both ends, it was pretty bad. Friday morning, she wakes just fine. She could not return to school though, they require that the student return no earlier than 24 hours later. Friday when Austin got off the bus his first order of business was to see how Abi was feeling. He even told her that he missed walking her to her class!!! How sweet! Saturday morning was more of the same, a whole lot of playing, no temps, etc. We went to a birthday party at 2, got back around 5, took baths (Abi sang her way through hers), and sat down to watch a family movie. Abi started acting very lethargic- and was burning up. We took her temp, 103.9!!! Started the Tylenol/Motrin and increased fluids. Sunday, again she was burning up and lethargic. We were able to break her fever with meds. By Monday morning, no more meds and no more temp. Sunday night and Monday morning were overlapped by Mark's sickness! Monday afternoon, I get another call from the school nurse, Austin is now running a temp. Mark returned to work Tuesday and Abi returned to school. I started feeling pretty bad on Tuesday, mainly my chest when I breathed. Abi again went to school on Wednesday. She gets off the bus and immediately wants to go to bed...and she's hot...again! Take her temp, it's at 101.9-That's it, we're going to the doctor!!! I try my best to let whatever is going on with them run it's course, I try to give it 2-3 days just because I don't want them to build up immunity to the antibiotics. We saw the doc this morning, strep throat!! Abi's throat looked AWFUL! But not once did either of them complain about their throats hurting! Well, you live and learn!

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Anonymous said...

So glad you and the kiddos are doing better. I bet your loving the season. I just had Caramel Apple Butter w/biscuits and Apple Cider and a Pumpkin Spice Latte all this weekend...yep Fall is officially here!!I love it!!!