Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Writing papers

Okay, so the past couple of weeks I have spent/wasted some of my VERY valuable time writing papers for my classes. This week alone I had to turn in two. The first paper was over homosexuality and the role sexual orientation plays in school aged children...really...and the second was over adolescents and advertising. I had to watch two commercials and analyze them according to how adolescents are influenced. I came across the funniest commercial EVER in my hunt! I also have 4 more papers due in the next 3 weeks...yeah me! I'm ready for a break from school, mainly from thinking! Anywho...that's my complaint of the day.

PS on the way to U of H this morning, after I spent 20 minutes waiting in traffic to just enter I-45. Some lady thought it would be cool to cruise in the other moving lanes and then cut me off...bad idea...I had no problem not letting her in, and was tempted to give her a lesson in courteous driving. I just gave her the stare down and signaled her to continue in the lane she was already in and do a U-turn down the road if necessary...she was not happy about it, but she did not cut me off either...Gotta love Houston drivers...

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