Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Open Season

So, I hear yesterday was opening season for baseball...it was the start of the season for Abi's t-ball team also! She was so excited to "go out there and show them how girls do it"! She said, "I'm gonna show them that girls rule and boys drool"! After I told her that she was on a co-ed team, she said, "oh, then I'm gonna show them that our team rules"! She also kept saying that she hopes her team wins...I had to explain that yesterday was only practice! She doesn't have the full concept of it yet, but she's getting there! She had fun, but was disappointed that her bat was going to get scratched up! She's so funny! Austin passed up baseball to play basketball this year, which should be starting in June. For now he wants to help Abi's team practice!

Abi before practice

Austin and Abi

Mark and Abi tossing the ball!


The Wood Family said...

Jennie, you're kids are so cute (and big!)! I love seeing Abi in the tball uniform! Can't wait for Dallas to start his. Post more pics of her games :)

Steph said...

Cute, cute, cute! = )