Monday, December 22, 2008

Pancakes and Pajamas

Okay, first, let me just say Koodos to the Taylors for their AWESOME idea of a pancake and pajama party! Hopefully we can make it a tradition as planned. My kid-o's had a blast and are still talking about the visit from Santa. That's the imagination of a magical Christmas that I want the kids to remember. Let me give everyone a run down of how the evening went. First, we started with a FABULOUS pancake bar. Anything filled with sugar could be added to your pancake, if you so desired. Gum drops, chocolate chips, fancy Christmas colored M&M's, the sky was the limit! From there, the kid-o's worked on a craft- baby Jesus in a walnut manger ornament. The there was a surprise visit from that very special guest- SANTA!!! He passed out a small gift to each very eager child! They topped off his vist by watching him ride away into the night on his Harley! (Christmas in Texas, what can I say?) Then we heard the story of 'What God Wants For Christmas'- each child got to help unfold the story. Then we headed to the backyard for smores around a campfire. It was THE best Christmas party I've ever been to, I think I might have enjoyed it just as much, if not more that the Kids...if that's possible. We are so blessed with good, loving friends. I really feel like our family has grown...Thank you God!

Mark and I in our matching PJ's

Levi, Austin and Keaton enjoying their pancakes

Abi receiving her gift from Santa

The kids with Santa

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