Thursday, December 11, 2008

O' Christmas tree...

Saturday we had our annual family trip to the Christmas tree farm. Our first year, wewere able to go close to home at the Jingle bell Ranch, but the last two years we have gone to the Red Caboose Christmas Tree Farm in Magnolia. Apparently they bought the Jingle Bell Ranch. We passed by the JBR, and I couldn't help but notice the HUGE for sale sign in front of it. I did have a dream later that day about purchasing the farm and selling Christmas trees for a living. But then I woke up...when I told Mark about my dream he just laughed and said "no way, we are NOT buying a Christmas Tree Farm!" A girl can dream, can't she?!?! Well, without further delay, here are the pics!

Abi and Austin-before

All of the kids on the hayride

Mark and Austin

Abi and Mark cutting the tree

Austin and Mark cutting the tree

The Family

When we got home that afternoon, we took a long nap...and then decorated the tree. I have to say, one thing I will definately miss as the kids get old is decorating the tree with them. One of my favorite things is how they hand two or three ornaments on the same branch!!! It's so darn cute! This year Abi was so excited because it was her turn to put the Angel on top! We closed the evening with hot chocolate in Christmas pajamas and watching Home Alone 3.

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Lori Roberson said...

The PJ's and Tree look GREAT! I am looking forward to the PJ Santa Party!