Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas on the Ranch

Me and Mark

Sarah, Papa, and Mark

Austin and Mark fishing

Abi playing in the dirt!

Mark and his big bro, Aaron

Mark feeding the cows

Austin playing in the leaves

Abi feeding the cows

We just made our (most of the time) annual trip to Papa's ranch in Laneville, Texas. It is SO beautiful a completely different world! There is really no record of time there, it is very relaxing and just down right FUN!

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James W said...

I loved the picture with Mark and Austin. That is a really good dad moment picture, really looks like you guys had fun. I'm sorry we have not been at church in a while. I hurt my ankle and have been on cruches, so not real easy to move around. I was lucky enough to partially tear my tendon. Miss you guys!