Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween and Field day

Austin had his field day October 30th- my first experience of field day in the fall. I think I like the weather a lot better than in the spring-almost summer- because it wasn't so humid! Austin had been so excited about it all week. Last year, in kindergarten, he came down with strep throat the day before his field day and was pretty bummed about it. So, this year was super special!

Me and Austin

The hoola hoop toss

Potato sack race

Sit and bounce race

Look at how much fun he's having!

I also have Fall Festival pics! We went to the church again this year- but this year they mixed it up a bit. The had "Trunk or Treat" where everyone decorated the trunk of their car and hands out candy. We did a firehouse theme. They had Nitro Neal again with his magic show, a puppet show, and the Pirate band, lots of games, moonwalks...time flew by so fast ! We had a great time!

Abi was a black cat and Austin was Batman!

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