Friday, October 3, 2008

Avoiding homework

In the midst of my Ike recovery on the school and homework side...I avoid doing what I am supposed to be doing at all costs!!! Recently while studying for my first History test, I found it necessary to make a baby quilt for my neighbor that is due at the end of the month...I wanted it to be simple but still cute; so, I went with a mild cowboy theme. I was hoping that I would find a red crib sheet to go with it, but no such luck. I did find a cute sleeper that has little cowboy hats and cute horses that says "Daddy's Cowboy". I thought about making a diaper stacker to match, but I don't know if she could actually use one (they aren't very common anymore). Anyways, check it out, I think it turned out cute.


Steph said...

Jennie- I love the baby blanket! Great job! I'm sure your neighbor will love it!

Avery had a cowboy theme in his nursery. Your quilt reminds me of his old one...too bad I didn't keep his red sheets! LOL

BTW, I, for one, really like diaper stackers!


The Wood Family said...

very pretty. You're new name the Talented Texan :) :) hehe