Friday, August 27, 2010

Week 2 is DONE!

Week 2 of homeschooling is done. We started the week off with sitting at the bus stop to see all of the neighbor kids off to school. Austin also went out every morning to play soccer with his buddies.

Austin, his best bud, Alex, and Abi

What a recess! Monday afternoon was beautiful. After all our school work was done, we headed out and the kids played in the sprinkler with the neighbors that live across the street, that are also home schooled.  
Abi, Austin and Blake

This week was a lot tougher for Abi than last week. She has been getting bored when it comes to reading. She managed to solve the problem on her own by reading her stories aloud while acting them out.
Abi doing her work

Or, she doodles and decorates the pictures.
She decorated the bat with a flower instead of writing the word

Austin pretty much breezes through everything with no problems. One morning, I wanted to shower before we got started; Austin not only finished his grammar on his own, he read Abi's directions to her for her math, and began his math. Austin has mentioned that he misses 'the easy' work from school. That means that I am challenging him, right? Well, he has managed just, no worries about it just yet.

Austin with his gangster look!

Austin has the same ability as Mark to make me laugh. He is always being silly! This time he found Mark's basketball pants...
Austin with style!!!


The Wood Family said...

Good Job, Jennie! Sounds like things are going well homeschooling!! I'm so glad things are off to a good start for you guys!

Sarah said...

Sounds like y'all are all adjusting well. I'm so impressed by Abi's solution to her reading boredom! Keep the homeschool posts coming... I love em!