Monday, August 16, 2010

I Survived Day 1

That is right ladies and gentlemen, I survived day one of homeschooling! I admit it, last night I was overcome with anxiety just thinking of Abi asking me, "why do I have to read, I don't like to read!" It didn't end up being as difficult as I anticipated at all. Both Austin and Abi have several subjects that we will be covering each day. I will be making an excel spreadsheet on Sundays with what they are to do for each subject each day. I don't care what order they do it in, as long as they get it all done.

Austin is old enough that for reading he can just sit in his room and read alone, but Abi and I are working on reading aloud and comprehension. She read a story that I found at this awesome website!!!  Both kids have grammar worksheets, Austin is learning about prepositions and Abi is learning about nouns. Abi also has phonics that she works on through a workbook called 'Explode the Code'. She said it was easy and breezed right through it!

Both Austin and Abi have math workbooks (Austin is using Bob Jones and Abi is using Saxon) which was their subjects that both chose to start with this morning.

We are doing a unit study about maple syrup that is more geared towards science and social studies, but encompasses all subjects at one point. I found the study on another helpful website. Our science project this week (since we are learning about how a maple tree uses its sap to feed the tree) is the classic celery and food coloring project. Austin and Abi chose the colors they wanted to use, and will be observing their celery for the next week. We are going to be focusing on the area where maple sap is used to make maple sugar, the New England area; so, we began a map of the US that we will add to throughout the year and one specifically of New Hampshire. We listed facts of New Hampshire, and then we looked at pics of the state bird and flower. We also practiced our writing by writing a card to our pen pals, the Northerns. We decorated them ourselves! It was a really an awesome first day!!

 I was also able to show Austin a little about Microsoft Word and how to type/print...we will build on that!
getting started

Our first science project

Me and Austin attempting to put together a shelf...we will be letting daddy do that!

Abi's card to Jillian

Austin's card to Jonah

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The Wood Family said...

Wow!! Jennie - you are one motivated Mama!! I can tell you love it though! here's to a great school year!!