Monday, July 26, 2010

Summer Visits

Mark's grandpa, Papa, turned 81 this month and of course there was a Brewer gathering. Normally we all head to his ranch, but this time Mark's dad and Wendy offered their casa up.

I love Papa! He has some of the neatest stories I have ever heard. Just listening to some of his childhood stories are captivating. Also, he and Mark always have some back and forth. Mark picks on him, but Papa turns around and gets him back, and that keeps me laughing!

Papa and his cake!
Papa still gettin' stuff done! I hope I am still up and about when I'm his age!!!
It was so awesome to see everyone. Aaron and Georgiet even drove in from San Angelo. They got here late Wednesday night and left Sunday night. There boys, Zay and Bastian, are getting so big, and are SO cute!!!! Zay is sweet and quiet. Bastian is louder, but very loving (he always gives hugs). Ausitn and Abi had tons of fun playing with the boys. Zay asked Aaron Saturday if they could stay "for just 6 more weeks"!
Two Brew Crews!!!
Zay, Abi, Austin, and Bastian
Aaron, Sluz, and Mark (wearing Papa's 80th birthday t-shirt)

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Sarah said...

My goodness you look beautiful in that photo!