Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wise Cracks

Abi never ceases to amaze me with the wise cracks she comes up with. She is wise beyond her years! There are three funny times that come to mind:
1. At Natalie's wedding, I had my hands full, and my head on crooked! After the wedding, before the reception, we were packing up to leave. In my hands I held my jacket, Abi's jacket, Grace's and Mer's sweaters, my purse and three garters. Abi looked at me strangely and said, "Mommy, are you holding a diaper? What a shame."

2. In the mornings before school, I brush Abi's hair in the master bath. Before I had the chance to start brushing she ran into the toilet room and shut the door. On the back of the toilet sits a man made of metal sitting on a metal toilet, reading a metal book. After a few minutes, Abi yells out, "I see daddy got a medal for reading while he goes to the bathroom."

Mark's reading medal
3. Abi has been terrified to go anywhere alone in our house since a little girl at school told her that an intruder was going to come to our house to get her. (They had been practicing the intruder drill at school.) Since are not able to go everywhere with her in the house, she goes to the pantry, gets the dogs a treat, and they gladly follow her where ever she goes. They obviously get many treats a day. This evening after her bath, Abi came downstairs. She didn't wash all of the conditioner out of her hair, so Mark sent her back upstairs to do so. Before releasing her to go, he told her not to get anymore treats for the dogs because they had enough for the day. No sooner did she walk to the pantry and open the door. Mark, with a hint of irritation in his voice, said, "Abi, I said no more treats for the dogs." Abi responded, "I know that, but the dogs don't!" She pretended to get a treat and walked upstairs with her hand in a fist, as if carrying a treat!
On another note, February 9, 2001, Mark and I started dating. To celebrate our nine years together, Mark brought me flowers:
Here are just some random pictures that I have taken since I last blogged. Austin and Abi got vampire teeth at a birthday party!
Austin and Abi being sweet!

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Sarah said...

Haha! Mark, congratulations on your reading award! (We started dating January 24, 2001 so we just celebrated 9 years, too!)