Friday, May 23, 2008

New to the Blogspot

Okay, I've decided that since everone else has a blogspot, I want to join in on the fun! So, here goes! I'll start with something I picked up from the April Drolet:

What I was Doing ten Years Ago?
Getting my drivers license
crushing on my first boyfriend!
working to earn money to buy my first car (piece of junk!!!)

Five Things on My To-Do List For Today?
Go to the grocery store
Go to Austin's end of year party
take my computer test for my class
take my allergy meds
call my mom

Five Snacks I Enjoy?
chips and queso
crab puffs
no-bake cookies
chocolate chips, almonds, and dried cherries mixed together

Five Things I Would do Were I a Billionnaire?
open a high class orphanage- only loving men/women would be hired!
secure my parents in their old age!
put aside money for Austin and Abi to go to college
Become a bigger advocate for abused children!

Five Bad Habits?
No patients- I get frustrated too easily (and I sweat the small stuff!!!)
I do not always give Mark the attention he needs- I let other things get in the way
I do not call my friends as often as I should
I always give my sister my opinion instead of letting her grow from her own mistakes
I judge people based on how they treat their children

Five Places I've Lived?
Odessa, Texas
Houston, Texas
San Antonio, Texas
Biloxi, Mississippi
Little Rock, Arkansas

Five Jobs I've Had?
Pharmacy Technician- retail pharmacy
Pharmacy Technician- military pharmacy
Pharmacy Technician- hospital pharmacy
Stay at home mom- hardest job by far!!!!!

Now that everyone knows a little bit more about me- I've got to get started on my to do list!

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The Wood Family said...

I'm the first to comment on your blog page, cool! I'm always learning something about you, Jen!