Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Make Your Own Fabric Storage Boards Tutorial

Most of you will probably read this and think..."what took this chick so long to get with the program?" But I'm hoping to inspire those of you that have fabric stashes that look like mine did look!!! I have only been sewing for about 9 years now. I learned by watching my mom sew while growing up. I used to also help her pin  quilts. I got up the courage to actually use a machine when my mom passed down one of her older, very basic models. Thanks mom, I owe my desire to sew to you! Since I first started sewing, I have never really been sure about what I should do with left over and unused fabric (unused because sometimes I'll see a print that I fall in love with, but am not quite sure what I should do with it!) So, they all have been thrown into a big storage bin...where it has been collecting ever since!
Storage bin 1

 storage bin 2

Once upon a time, I did go through these and do my best to sort by color of fabrics. And once upon a time, you could actually stack them neatly in the bottom of my sewing room closet. But those days are long since gone. I decided that the closer I could get to a fabric store fabric bolt and the thriftier I could be would be the best option to go with.  This is what I settled on:

Supplies needed
  • Foam Poster board ( 1 board makes 3 large bolts and 3 small bolts)
  • A rotary mat
  • A rotary cutter (I used a blade that was due to be replaced anyway, and just picked up a new one when I picked up my boards)
One board measures 30in x 20in

So, I cut three 10in pieces (giving you three 10in X 20in pieces)

 Set two of the boards aside, and measure 14 in on the remaining board.

 Cut on the 14in mark. Congratulations, you now have a large and small bolt!!

On the large bolt, I measured a 1in crevice so that I could do this after wrapping my fabric:

Use a rubber band to secure the fabric onto the bolt! 

 On the smaller bolt, I cut a crevice on the 2in mark

Again, to secure the fabric with a rubber band

In case you're wondering, YES, it is a lot of work. Yes, after cutting 9 foam boards, I have barely made a dent in my fabric collection. And Yes, Mark is going to have to build me shelves to store these now. But I think it is going to well worth it in the end!!!!

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Sarah said...

Seriously!!?? Reading that made me so excited for when my boys are more self sufficient! Because, the whole time I was reading all I could think is "When does she find the time?????" Seriously!!? It's so rewarding having friends with children older than your own! Love the glimpse into my future (well, I'm pretty sure this is a project I'll never attempt, but you know what I mean!)