Thursday, June 23, 2011

Where in the World...

Have I been? Not entirely hiding under a rock! We have been busy since all of our friends are out of school for the summer now!

The weekend of June 10-12, Austin's baseball team played a select tournament here in Houston instead of going to Mesquite to play a metro tournament. In the league that Austin plays, there are 4 levels of baseball teams. The lowest level is the metro level, which is good for players that are just starting out. The metro level is divided into two categories, regular metro teams and friendship teams. Austin was put on a regular metro team when he played in the fall. In order to keep his team together for the spring, they formed a friendship team. Next year if his team wants to stay together, we will have to move up to the next level. Not only is select baseball more expensive, it is also more competitive. They will play more games and their season is longer. It will not only be a more competitive atmosphere, but he will also be playing kid-pitch instead of coach-pitch. That in itself is a HUGE change! We are excited to see how he does though!!!
On our way to the tournament 

Notice those rosy red cheeks? That wasn't because he was blushing!! IT WAS SOOOOOO HOT!!! 


As usual we have made countless trips to the swimming pool already this summer. This is from our first trip, they brought along the turtle... 

Ready to swim!!!!

In our downtime, I've been trying to find fun, educational things for the kid-o's to do. I stumbled upon the kids section of the National Geographic website the other night. The kids have fallen in love with it!!! There are tons of games and videos about animals. They can also test their knowledge about certain animals by taking quizzes. It was a big hit for both of them.

We met the Benders at Chuck E Cheese for some games and pizza. It's not the crazy, out of control atmosphere in the morning when they first open. So, we usually go around that time and let the kids play for the first couple of hours, and then eat lunch. This is one of their favorite outings! Abi and her best pal, Luke, are also snaggle tooth buddies right now! Don't they look so cute!!!
Abi and Luke

Our swimming pool is closed an extra day this summer and also opens and hour later and closes an hour earlier each day than last year. This is our HOA's attempt to keep costs down. I'm not sure if you noticed or not, but it is HOT outside here in Houston, Texas! Which means I will not be doing any exercise outside and we want to be able to swim A LOT! So, we finally decided it was time to renew our membership at the YMCA. I am determined to get my money's worth also, I have been to workout everyday since we signed up!! We were members back in the day, but I was also a full time mommy of two toddlers, I worked full time, and I was a full time student. Things have slowed down and I will actually get the opportunity to use my membership now. So, I took the kids to swim the other day. They have a winding slide that Austin just couldn't wait to get on. In order to slide on it, the kid has to pass a swim test each visit. A little silly, but those are the rules. They have to swim the length of the pool freestyle. Austin was SO excited when he passed!!!!

Waiting his turn to slide

This isn't meant to be a side note, but since the big celebration hasn't yet kind of ends up that way. This year on June  9th, Mark and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary. We will be setting sail for the Caribbean in 9 days!!!! I can't wait!!!!!!!!
He brought me flowers and my favorite chocolate

This week the kids have been attending VBS at our church. They have been having a blast and anxiously await what the next day brings! Each day there is a new theme. I happened to catch Abi breaking in a new pair of my heels while still in her 80's garb!!! Apparently they went well with her outfit!!!
 LOVE the leg warmers!!!

Copperfield Church also had a family night, FX Live: Family Experience is like a game show that involve the kids' and parents' participation. Abi kept crawling on Mark's shoulders to try to get picked!! 
The highest point in the room above the rest of the crowd

We started out on one side of the room, but Abi insisted that we move to be by Luke!
Best buds!

Mommy has had some time off in between all this crazy fun!
Me, Lizzie, and Naomi
Naomi= best friend ever! Holding my hand again while I got another tattoo!!!

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