Monday, June 21, 2010

The Rundown

So, I have been dreaming up ways to incorporate my projects into our one income family...and the results have not been pretty! My latest project that I have wanted to work on is making our backyard usable! As you can tell from the pictures, BORING doesn't do it justice. There is nothing interesting about it, and quite frankly, our family pretty much avoids it at all times. I want to change that. I want it to be another living space. This project is not going to be a cheap or easy fix- I see a lot of manual labor in my future! After visiting one of my favorite websites, I came up with a pretty cool idea. I am going to try to redo our backyard without spending any money! I want to see if I can get everything I need from bartering or through recycling. Two of the websites I will probably use the most is or I am positive that it will be a long process. I will let you know when something new comes along.     
The kids had a great visit with Grammy. They were there for five days total, and swam at least four of them! While they were there, they got to meet their new cousin, Jacalyn, for the very first time. Abi said she thinks Jacalyn is just so cute and just wanted to kiss her all day! Austin said he didn't want to hold her because he didn't want to stop playing. Austin also described how he was much better at shooting his BB gun than Uncle Jimbo. Grammy later informed me that the can they used for target practice had been used before, but Uncle Jimbo just didn't have the heart to tell Austin!!! I was very glad for them to be home, I missed them very much!
This week we have Vacation Bible School. Naomi and I are working in the preschool area again this year. I have to say, I am not match for their energy, but I really love getting to know each kid! If I make another post, then you will know that I survived the week!

Some funny quotes from the kids this month:
While pulling out of a parking lot, another lady tried to pull in the same lot but on the wrong side of my car. I instinctively start yelling, "what are you doing, you crazy driver!" Abi in the backseat says, "that lady is kind of like a bird, she thinks she can just poop where ever she wants to".
While shopping for a shirt for Mark for father's day, I found what I thought to be a very nice short-sleeve button up in the popular colors of blue and chocolate brown. I picked it up and asked the kids, "what about this one?" Austin says, "Yeah, sure, then we can go find him a shirt with hearts all over it!!!"
Those silly kids keep me laughing!!!

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