Sunday, September 20, 2009

Squishy Weekend

This weekend has been one of those regular two day weekends that you try to shove 5 days worth of activities into! Friday afternoon I baked the cake for Lizzie's baby shower, Saturday evening, and worked on my book report due Wednesday. Saturday morning started with family breakfast, then family chores, then more food prep for the shower. At 3 we went to the church to decorate for the shower, most of which Mark had to do because I'm WAY too short! The way it was set up, there were clothes lines that ran from a mobile wall divider to the wall. They were all good until Mark left to go home...not a minutes after he walked out of the door, they both fell!! At that point I started to panic because I still had stuff to prep! Not to worry though, everything worked out well, we fixed the line and everything turned out the way I hoped it would...the girls getting together for food, fun, and laughs!
unfortunately, the cake cracked right down the middle!!

Sitting around enjoying the food

Lizzie and Kelly

Following the baby shower, Mark, the kids, and I rushed over to Carino's for my birthday dinner with my mom and sister. Yummy food and good company- I love just sitting around talking with my family!

Sunday morning, we woke up bright and early. Austin had to be checked in for his baptism by 9:15 and we had several people that needed showers! It was a wonderful day, and Mark and I are so proud of Austin and his decision to follow Christ. He was SUPER excited! Lots of family came into town to watch his baptism. There were so many people there to support him- I want to record everyone so I have a record!
Papa and Nancy Brewer
Grandpa Brewer and Ms. Wendy
Grammy Kellum
Aunt Marie
Lala and Kinzie
Aunt Lisha, Adam and Alayna
Ms. Naomi and Grace
Brandy and Becca Parker
Team Robo
Terry and Sarah Domino
The Ayon family
Wendy and Xamodd
Because our small group works on Sunday mornings, some of them weren't able to make it...but I know they wanted to be there! We are so blessed to have such loving people in our lives!
Although we had to squish so much stuff into one weekend, I am thankfull for the memories!

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Sarah said...

The shower was beautiful- you did a great job. And seeing Austin get baptized was so inspiring! I'd say you're squishy weekend was a productive one!