Sunday, August 16, 2009

Day on the Lake

We have not had as many oppurtunities this summer to do family vacations the way I would like. With Mark going to Brazil, that was his vacation time; so, anything beyond that would have to be squeezed into a weekend. Austin played basketball at the beginning of the summer, so we didn't want to miss any of his games. To sum it up, the summer has not been long enough. We are entering the last week of summer 2009!!! Austin and Abi will both be going to school this year, and I will be taking 12 hours for the fall semester. We are bracing ourselves for how busy we are going to be! For one last pow-wow of the summer, we decided to plan a camping trip to Huntsville State Park. HSP has campsites, swimming, fishing, hiking trails, and boat rentals (and I'm sure a few other things I didn't mention). What started out as a camping trip quickly turned into a day visit when we learned that there was still a burn ban. So, we slept until about 8am on Saturday, got up and ate breakfast, then packed up and headed out. After a stop at Wally world we were on our way. The kids only asked 100 times when we were going to be there!! We got there around 11am and headed for the boat rentals. We rented a paddle boat for an hour and the rate of $10/hour, which I think is a great price. Mark and I paddle the boat out about 20 feet and the kids had made up their mind that it was too hot and we should return to the dock. We explain that we have rented the boat for an hour, and by-golly, we are gonna get our money's worth! We continue pedaling...and the kids continue to complain! After 15 minutes, Mark and I too agree that it is truely too hot to keep going and we return to the dock. Now, I understand why they only charge 10 bucks! After that, we unloaded the car and set up shop. We ate lunch, which if you have never tried the Hawaiian bread that they sell in the Walmart bakery with the orange package...then you are missing out! We brought our huge turtle floaty for the kids to use; but Mark sadly discovered that he would have to blow it up himself, since the the pump we had brought was broken! The kids and I went ahead and got in the water. The idea of the water being right in front of them and them not being able to swim in it was just killing them!! We swam for quite a while, got out and had a snack, then swam some more. I packed up while Mark played with the kids 'a little bit longer', then we headed home. We had such a great day of laughter and fun. No schedules to keep, just pure fun! I loved it!

Austin and Abi after swimming

Abi and Austin covering Mark with sand!

Austin on the paddle boat

Abi on the paddle boat

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