Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ticking Clock

It's Wednesday...Mark leaves for Brazil Friday morning. Today I will be picking up a large bottle of sunscreen and bug spray to pack for him. It seems unreal that he will be leaving in two days!!!! I am excited for him...and nervous for me. We haven't been apart from each other for this long since I separated from the Air Force. Mark and the kids drove back to Houston a week before I was a very lonely week. Nevertheless, time is ticking, and before I know it Friday will be here. His sole job on the Mission trip is to document everything by video and photos. He will be blogging and posting videos daily at: for those of you interested in seeing.

On another note, I turned in all of my VA stuff, it's now out of my hands (as if it were ever in my hands!)

I'm growing tired again. Summer does this to me! It's hot, I hate hot! I am ready for the kids to start school, interested to see what progress they both make this year. I try to keep them occupied for the most part, but in those moments when they are bored...those are fun times...I don't necessarily want a break from the kids. But being a stay at home mom can make one very tired...there are never any break times it seems. It's go 100 miles an hour ALL THE TIME! My energy (very low) is just no match for theirs (sky high)! Perhaps, while Mark is gone, I can re-energize at Grammy's and Papa's house!!! And one day I will learn how to keep the dogs from waking Abi up at 6am!

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